We are going through an important period which creates the need for control of any kind of risks, caused by the fast-paced- technology and the new world order which is unpredictably changing.

In such a world, in our country which is already using the most advanced radiation technologies and outgrowing through nuclear power programs, The 2 nd National Radiation Protection Congress with international participation will be held in Ankara, November 23-25, 2017 with the aim of increasing the awareness for minimizing any radiation related risks, developing the predictions of the public, employees, and the environment and contributing to our country’s and people’s future.

The main theme of the congress is to define the national needs on the subject and to discover the employment, production and investment opportunities created when meeting these needs.

In this regard, one of the topics of the congress is the qualified work force, which is the main argument for the expected benefits of radiation technologies. IAEA criteria, European standards and examples from diverse countries will be presented by competent foreign experts in the area and predictions on our countries settlement will be debated. The topic will be discussed by EUTERP whom we are a member of, Akdeniz University which will initiate a graduate program this year, legislation officers and nuclear investment firms.

The sessions on the computerized tomography applications which is considered as a vital source of irradiation for the public as well as on the interventional radiology applications which may cause high levels of radiation exposure for the patients and the operators will be held with the collaboration of Turkish Society of Radiology.

Proton treatment, lately added to the agenda in our country; justification of its investments and optimization will be held from the patient and operator safety points of view. This will be debated both by Turkish and foreign experts as well as the legislation officers. Satellite sessions will be enabled for interested companies in order to explain their technology.

Accidents caused by radiation applications in health and industrial areas will be defined by experienced individuals and organizations, along with proper accident management practices. An industrial radiation accident will be animated within the scope of the congress.

The safety of food irradiation will be discussed by competent experts and applicators.

On a particular session, expectations from the regional industry on the domains of radiation application and radiation protection and safety will be carried on the agenda. Information will be provided by experts and related institutions and organizations on the current opportunity of the domestic industry, local production feasibility, and added-value, promotion and support.

In the direction of country and world agenda, issues about radiation protection and safety will be discussed by Turkish and foreign experts in The 2 nd National Radiation Protection Congress with international participation. Believing that your participation will add invaluable value in the manners of national responsibility alongside with the scientific and technological share of information, we expect your contribution and participation and wish the best for our country and its people.


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