Abstract Topics

  1. Academic and occupational training and employment policies of Radiation Protection Experts and Radiation Protection Officers
  2. Doses and risk assessments in radiation technologies
  3. Protection of workers and the public in in computerized tomography, interventional radiology and other radiology practices, management and remedial actions of nuclear accidents
  4. Justification and optimization of proton therapy, its advantages and disadvantages with respect to radiation safety of workers and patients
  5. Accidents and accident management in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine
  6. Industrial accidents and accident management
  7. Food irradiation and safety of irradiated food
  8. Expectations from domestic industry in radiation practices and the opportunities
  9. Dosimetry in nuclear medicine and internal therapy procedures
  10. Other (radiation dosimetry, radioepidemiyology, environmental measurements, optimization in radiologic facilities, calculation of dose and the risk, related software, safe transportation of radioactive materials, radioactive waste management etc.).


Note: Abstract’s originality and its scientific base are important criteria for its acceptance.


*Sub-sessions and round table discussions will be held during the congress.

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